How to Print 3D Prototypes directly from SOLIDWORKS

Gearing up for 3D Printing? Well, SOLIDWORKS got you covered to prep your CAD Model with Print3D Feature

Solidworks + 3D printingThe Functionality is Print3D Feature where we get the hard work done at minimal efforts with SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS supports 3D printing of models directly from your SOLIDWORKS 3DCAD Environment. We just need to edit the CAD Model, Make it readily Water Tight for 3D Printing.

To access a local 3D printer, in a part or assembly document click File > Print3D.

Few of the Key Options Available with Print3D Feature –

  1. Reorienting the Model to Fit the Print Volume
  2. Changing the Model Scale
  3. Identifying Faces that Require Supports.
  4. Displaying Striation Lines
  5. Exporting 3D Print Files

 Two tabs let you prepare for 3D printing:

  • The Settings tab consists of following:
    • Customize your printer’s Width, Depth and Height to specify your Print Bed.
    • The select base plane for the model, orient model or orient to fit.
    • Scale the model as required.
    • Set Print Job Quality to Draft, Medium or High.
    • Option to Include Supports and Rafts.
  • The Preview tab,
    • Analyse Faces for the requirement of Supports.
    • Setting Layer Height, check Striation Lines and Thickness/ Gap Analysis.

Once everything is set, you print the model by clicking.

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SOLIDWORKS is very user-friendly, Good Modeling & Adaptable. Good Association with Addonix, very active in SOLIDWORKS Promotions.

Mr. Niral Khandhar Sr. Manager - Design November 7, 2015

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