Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a suite of standalone software tools that combine industry-leading rendering capabilities with design-oriented features and workflows that enable easy and fast creation of visual content for designers, engineers, marketing, and other content creators. Quickly and easily create professional, photo-quality images, animations, and other interactive 3D content to get your products to market faster.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to leverage your 3D CAD data to create photo-quality content in the fastest and easiest way you can–from images to animations, interactive web content, and immersive Virtual Reality. Bring your products to life. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the “camera” for your CAD data!

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is the fastest and easiest way to produce photo-quality images for taking “photos” of 3D data, cutting costs, and accelerating time-to-market with compelling imagery.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional lets you tell a deeper story with your CAD data by generating photo-quality imagery, interactive animations, 360-degree spins, immersive Virtual Reality (VR), and much more. Communicate the most complex design details with ease and beat your competition to market.



Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Accelerated Rendering      
Hybrid Render Mode      
Physically-Based Raytracing      
Intuitive User Interface      
CAD and Graphic File Support      
CAD Live-Update      
Surface/Part Splitter      
Interactive Depth of Field      
 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Denoiser      
Advanced Material Support with NVIDIA MDL and PBR      
Decals (Interactive Stickers)      
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts      
Automatic Data Recovery      
 Import SOLIDWORKS Animations and Motion Studies      
Full Animation Suite      
Animation Ribbon      
Visualize Boost Support      
PowerBoost Real-time Network Rendering      
Browser-based Interactive Image and Panoramic Outputs      
Customizable Photographic Camera Filters      
Integrated Render Queue      
New Area Lights and Light Placement      
 Create VR Content      
 Integrated Physics Engine      
Vehicle Driving Simulator & Video Decals      


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SOLIDWORKS is a good software we are able to cut down production and process time, production is much more efficient and wastage ratio has reduced. Addonix support & services are excellent. They have trained staff to educate and trained users

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