SOLIDWORKS® Visualize enables anyone to create professional, photo-quality images, animations, and other 3D content in the fastest and easiest way possible, enabling designers, engineers, and content creators to enhance their 3D decision-making experience. Users will design and market products with more impact by turning imagination into reality with SOLIDWORKS Visualize as the “Camera” for their CAD data.
By improving concepts throughout the design, development and marketing phases, SOLIDWORKS Visualize help users select, validate, improve and sell the best and most robust design concepts before committing expensive engineering, prototyping, and marketing resources to the project. It helps to reduce errors and ensure that products get to market faster than ever before.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is the fastest and easiest route to photo-quality images for anyone who needs to take “photos” of their 3D data, cutting costs and accelerating the time to market.

• Create photo-quality images at unlimited resolution.
• Advanced multi-layer materials.
• Accurate simulation of real-world lighting with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, for photorealism without cumbersome manual lighting techniques.
• Show off inner complexity with cut planes (section views)
and fading the opacity of parts and models.
• Support for real-world measured materials (NVIDIA MDL and PBR).
• Integrated connection to the SOLIDWORKS online Community of over 1000 free assets.
• Decals (interactive stickers) support and real-life placement.
• Support for professional texture maps (bump/normal, specular, alpha and color).
• Interactive part splitter for separating surfaces without going back to CAD modeling tool.
• Integrated Automatic Data Recovery to minimize any loss of work.
• Preset camera filters to enhance images and make them pop off the screen.



Pegasys Systems Pvt Ltd

SOLIDWORKS is easy to learn. It gives a lot of advantages such as error free design, shorter design times & hence quicker deliveries to customers. Better visualization leads to more imaginative designs. Addonix have always given us excellent support. They are more like business partners, very happy with Addonix  

Mr. R.R. Shirvaikar Technical Director December 8, 2015

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