Solidworks Simulation Product introduction

Learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation will enable every designer and engineer to simulate and analyse design performance fast and get analysis solutions. SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides an integrated set of tools that enhanced product performance under real world conditions, early on in the design process and answer the key question; “How do I know I have the best design?”

Many of our customers are from verticals like  Machinery, Consumer Products, Energy, Plant and Process, Engineering Services, Industrial Equipment, High Tech / Electronics, and Medical equipment, etc.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions include:

  • Drop Test Analysis
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Linear Stress Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Structural Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard is a simulation tool for static linear, time-based motion and high-cycle fatigue simulation.Test your products at the design stage, gauge its performance and make the required changes during the design phase!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional enables you to modify your design, calculate product mechanical resistance, product durability, topology, natural frequencies, test heat transfers and buckling instabilities. Sequential multiphysics simulation is very well handled.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium allows you to compute advanced studies like Non-Linear Static, Non-Linear Dynamic, and Linear Dynamics along with the nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading and composite materials.

Ease of Use/ Inttuitiveness      
Finite Elements Analysis      
Contacts and Connectors      
 Post Processing      
Linear StaticSimulation for Assembly      
Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation      
Design Comparison Studies      
Trend Tracker      
Fatigue Simulation      
Detecting Unconstrained Bodies      
Equation Driven Results      
Design Optimisation (based on Simulation data)    
Advanced Contacts & Connectors    
Event Based Motion Simulation    
Frequency Simulation    
Buckling or Simulation    
Structured thermal simulation    
Drop Test Simulation    
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation    
Submodelling Simulation    
2D Simplification    
Load Case Manager    
Non Linear Simulation  
Dynamic Simulation  
Composites Components Simulation