There are many advantages to buy SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service. All the resources and contents can be found out using a single Account. i.e Solidworks Customer Portal ID.


Anyone having the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account can Login and enjoy many productive features. If you don’t have SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, it can be created with the “Create a SOLIDWORKS ID” button on the same Login screen.

Few of the sections found in the customer portal account after you Login are as follows


  • Knowledge Base – Web-Based Solutions for all known issues related to Solidworks Installation/ Features.
  • Enhancement Request – Any enhancements you wish to see in the future release of Solidworks can be requested with an ER.
  • My SRs – Any issues with Solidworks can be addressed with Service Request (SR) and your SR list can be checked here.
  • My SPRs – Any Service Requests (SR) resulting from Software Performance Report (SPR) created by you can be found here.
  • My ERs – List of all Enhancement Requests created by you can be found here.
  • Fixed SPR list – All the bug fixes can be found here.
  • API Support – All support related to Application Programming Interface feature in Solidworks can be found here.
  • My Product – All products entitled to you can be found here.
  • Register My Product – Once you create SOLIDWORKS ID, you need to register your products to the same account with this option.


  • System Requirements –  Details for Solidworks System Requirements can be found here.
  • Hardware and Graphics – Check for the Hardware and Graphics card details from the list found here.
  • Registration and Activation – Details for Solidworks License Registration and Activation can be found here.
  • Admin Guides – All Administration guides for Installation and Release notes can be found here.
  • Learning Resources – All relevant Solidworks Learning Resources are available here.
  • Training – Information for Solidworks Training and Certification possibilities.
  • CAD Admin Dashboard – Very useful web-based tool for identifying License usage system details with relevant products entitled and installed drivers.(for IT professionals only)DOWNLOAD –
    • Downloads and Updates – Download / Update your SolidWorks to latest service pack with this link.
    • 3D Content Central – Download Solidworks Models directly from the free online catalog.


    • Forums – Social Network for Solidworks users to interact with Solidworks Experts.
    • User Groups – Know more about Solidworks User Groups for your location.
    • SolidWorks Express newsletter – SIGN UP for SolidWorks Express Newsletter and get the tips and tricks delivered straight into your inbox!
    • Solidworks World – Information about Solidworks World can be found here.
    • Certification – All information related to Solidworks Certification is available here.


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